Solidarity with Anarchist Women – Turkey

Appeal from Turkey:

Dear comrades,

We are writing from Revolutionary Anarchist Action – Anarchist Women organization- from Turkey. Just like the last years, we have been preaparing a women’s issue for our newspaper Meydan; focused on women issues and struggles, considering the 8th of March.

For this issue of Meydan, we are asking for a short solidarity note from anarchist women organizations/ struggles, from all around the world.

These notes are very important and inspiring for us and for our readers; in order to see that, we are being oppressed by the same institutions, and with similiar tools of the state and patriarchy, while we are fighting for our freedom, with similiar tools, such as self organization, solidarity etc…

For this reason we have a lot to share and learn from eachother and grow our struglles all around the world.

As a result we will be happy to publish your solidarity note.
Text can be short, up to 200-300 words.

The deadline will be 24th of February.(regarding the translation and page setting). Please note the name of your organization and the name of the country/region (that you are struggling) at the end of your note.

Here you can see the last women issue/last year (in Turkish):

With communion and solidarity.

Anarchist Women