IFA Statement from CRIFA Athens 5 Nov 2023

No war among peoples, no peace among classes

Commission of relations of the International of Anarchist Federations – IFA, Athens 5 November 2023


COMMUNIQUÉ IFA issu du CRIFA Athènes du 5 Novembre 2023

Nessuna guerra tra i popoli, nessuna pace tra le classi – Comunicato CRIFA

[Internacional] Declaración de la IFA en la CRIFA de Atenas (Castillian version)


Призив за действие срещу войната и милитаризма

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Arabic: IFA-Statement-from-CRIFA-Athens-5-Nov-2023_Arabic_translation

Atény: Prohlášení Internacionály anarchistických federací

The Commission of Relations of the International of Anarchist Federations gathered in Athens on 4-5 November 2023 to discuss and share thoughts and practices of our Federations. Currently, we are particularly active in antimilitarist activities, in a period that is characterised by the intensification of wars, of which the most known, such as the conflicts in Gaza, Ukraine or Sudan should not make forget the globality of the problem.

War is never a solution, but a way for capitalism and the state to reproduce forms of domination, exploitation, patriarchy and oppression. War is the exacerbation of the violence of power and hierarchy. Many people discuss war crimes, we say that war is always a crime. All wars are against the people and use arguments such as nationalism, putting oppressed people the ones against the others, trying to create illusions of common interests of all classes to undermine social conflicts through war propaganda.

We anarchists oppose all borders, states, armies and the very principle of territorial sovereignty. We propose our ideas of international solidarity, actively supporting all the victims of wars, and all those who refuse wars from all sides: objectors, deserters, saboteurs and people who escape the wars.

We support all antimilitarist actions that are in agreement with our anarchist principles, as well as those groups, individuals and collectives who resist the war making social work, helping people, promoting social struggles and continuing to spread anti-authoritarian cultures despite the war.

In addition of making international diffusion of these antimilitarist activities as a work of counter-information before war propaganda though their journals, radios and medias, our federations are promoting activities such as:

The ‘Worldwide days of action against any war and militarism’ from 17-25 November 2023 https://de.indymedia.org/node/306630

The antimilitarist fortnight of Publico in Paris from 5 to 26 November 2023 http://www.librairie-publico.info/?p=8835 

and the Antimilitarist Assembly in Italy. https://umanitanova.org/event/milano-assemblea-antimilitarista-4/ 

to give just a few examples.

No war among peoples, no peace among classes.

Commission of relations of the International of Anarchist Federations – IFA, Athens 5 November 2023