IFA federations met in Sofia, Bulgaria, 20-21 April 2024

The CRIFA delegate meeting of the IFA federations took place in Sofia, Bulgaria on the weekend of 20-21 April 2024, hosted by FAKB.

Federations present in person or online included FLA (Argentina), FAIt (Italy), FAO (Slovenia/Croatia), KAF (Kurdish), FAKB (Bulgaria), APO (Greece), FAS (Sicily), FAIb (Iberia), FA (French-speaking), IFA-Br (Brazil), AF (Britain). 

Topics discussed were: local/regional reports, the general situation of war and ongoing anti-war activities on a local and international level, expansion of nuclear power in France, forthcoming festivals (e.g. APO festival in Athens, FA Against borders and nationalism meeting, anti-fascist festival in Ljubljana), bookfairs (e.g. Balkans ABF in Pristina, London) and solidarity events. Solidarity was expressed with the Anarchist Group Carlo Cafiero – FAI in Rome which is threatened with eviction. A new joint statement on war and militarism was drafted.