Terras Capixabas – Capixaba Lands – statement from FACA (Federação Anarquista Capixaba) – IFA Brazil

Please find below an English translation of an original Portuguese statement from our FACA-IFA Brazil comrades, about a neo-nazi inspired shooting massacre at a school by a 16 year old, that resulted in 4 deaths.

Original: Terras Capixabas. Federação Anarquista Capixaba 27/11/2022

[Translator’s note – The following statement of the Capixaba (=of the State of Espírito Santo) Anarchist Federation – IFA Brazil, refers to a massacre that has been committed in a school, with his father’s weapons, by the sixteen-year-old son of a Military Police agent who loved to post Nazi symbols. Among the victims (so far they are four), there is an environmental activist who was a friend of our FACA comrades. This episode is interpreted as one of the results of the growing hatred associated with the penetration of racist and Nazi-fascist practices in Brazilian society, ending with daily attacks to anybody who is perceived as a potential ‘enemy’]

Capixaba Lands, 27 November 2022

Through this statement we, members of the Federação Anarquista Capixaba (FACA) wish to express
all our solidarity to the families of education workers and students who were victims of the cowardice committed by the Nazi pup who pulled the trigger with several hands on his fingers. Our solidarity and feelings go to the three teachers and the 12-year-old student who, so far, have been the victims of the deadly attack on two schools in the city of Aracruz (Espírito Santo), on Friday 25 November.

Teachers Maria da Penha de Melo Banhos, 48 years old, and Cybelle Passos Bezerra Lara, 45, died at the EEEFM (State Primary and High School) Primo Bitti, where they taught, while student Selena Sagrillo was murdered in the private school Centro Educacional Praia de Coqueiral. In addition to them, we mourn teacher Flávia Amboss Merçon Leonardo, 38, who, while we were writing, was hospitalized in serious conditions, but who unfortunately did not survive, in addition to the several other victims who remain hospitalized fighting for their lives.

For more than 30 years, we, Anarchists Punk capixabas, have been denouncing and fighting the presence of fascist groups here in Espírito Santo through direct action. In particular, in 1992 in the city of Cariacica, these groups held a state meeting; on that occasion we interfered and had a physical confrontation with the fascists. We also were the victims of fascist organizations, when one of our comrades ended up with a broken leg, stuffed with platinum. Today, the state of Espírito Santo is still infested by such fascist cells. Some of the Nazi-fascists have already been detected in banks and in the cultural expropriation of the underground movement, through the presence of music bands directly connected with Nazism of the old continent.

Attacks on various minority groups are a constant here in Espírito Santo, where they act via gangs of Nazi ideology, like in the case of several motorcycle clubs, where they find themselves in greater numbers. These gangs have interstate and international ramifications in addition to the fascist presence within the state, where many of the sadists of the dictatorship are still in activity and brood their eggs full of racist hatred.

We continue in the struggle, fighting neofascism and neo-Nazism on the front line, for a society free from the bonds of the system, where everyone can live in a libertarian way.