IAF Statement against all armies and wars

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The IFA meeting in Milano (28/29. 11. 2015) reaffirms its opposition to all armies and wars.

It’s the states that sell the weapons that will kill populations in the future. Military interventions, whether direct or indirect, are one of the main causes of destabilisation in regions worldwide (e.g. Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Somalia). These interventions favour armed groups, mafia structures and exploitative trafficking.

The civil populations that suffer in these conflicts are forced to flee, taking refuge in precarious tent camps or trying their luck on dangerous and often fatal journeys to Europe.

We express our solidarity with the migrants coming to fortress Europe to flee war, unbearable economic situations and inhumane conditions.

Nationalist feelings and the normalisation of militarism are on the rise in response to a combination of mass migration, terrorist attacks and war.


Statement. Against religious and military dictatorships, Rojava is hopefull.

Kurdish populations are resisting the military offensive of the jihadist Islamic State (IS). With few and basic arms, they are defend...ing the city of Kobané with courage and determination that demands respect. Unfortunately, support and reinforcement is far from being sufficient. The jihadist assault on Kobané benefited from the fact that Turkey government has locked the border and deployed its police and army reinforcements to block the routes for arms and humanitarian resources. Today, the jihadists are in the city.

The government of Turkey, far from helping the population, is doing everything it can to weaken or liquidate the Kurdish resistance, because they think it could increase Kurdish strength in the region, whilst they refuse their autonomy. The government of Turkey wants to create a buffer zone on the Syrian side of the border, under his control, which is a pretext for an occupation of three townships that make up the Rojava. Supporting this proposal that the Kurds reject, the French government has chosen a purely geopolitical opportunism, which is the worst solution for a Kurdish resistance.

The Kurdish fighters' position on self-determination and self-organisation has a formidable scent of freedom, threatening secession and insubordination, in an environment of failed established power relations (clientism, corruption, patriarchy, obedience and imposed belief systems). That is something the Arab-Western coalition will not support.

For us, however, this is our hope. A hope that, out of Middle Eastern chaos, a force is emerging that is capable of combating both religious obscurantism and the military option which, for decades, has been the lot of people in the region. A hope to see the rebirth of movements of resistance to the powers that prevent emancipation. Already, the offensive in Kobané has caused a tremendous mobilization of Kurds in Turkey (who are facing violent repression).

Within the diaspora we have seen protests in cities across Europe, gatherings of thousands of people on the border, and hundreds of volunteers rushing to defend the city. For our part, we can and must mobilize to provide clear support for the resistance movements, relaying their claims and assisting in the expression of emancipation forces they carry.
You can trust us in our support until we build a new society free of state and religion oppression.

IAF secretariat

Mexico. Free Mario Gonzales and all imprisoned anarchists in Mexico and elsewhere.

Jorge Mario González García was arbitrarily arrested in October 2013. When he was arrested, he had committed no crime, had no arrest warrant was issued. He was arrested while traveling in a bus and the accusation of breaking public order has been assigned was never proven.

Mario was tortured and deprived of liberty after a show-trial which was used as a cover to persecute a social activist.

Mario González has been incarcerated since October 2, 2013, he was sentenced to more than five years in prison. Last December, Mario stopped a 60 days hunger strike which had significant effects on his health.

His partner, Nuria Roxana Ramírez, is also targeted. She was harassed by the Mexico City Government and criminalized in the media by a capitalist disinformation campaign continually spreading lies. This is a common strategy of the Mexico City Government, having already shown with Mario Luna Flores and other activists considered dangerous by the authorities.

For expressing disagreement, protesting or demonstrating, no one should be prosecuted, imprisoned or harassed.

Immediate release for Mario González !
Stop repression and harassment against Nuria Ramirez !
Stop the persecution and defamation of social activists !