Israel. Campaign of solidarity with the Anarchists Against The Wall

Anarchists against the Wall (AATW - http://awalls.org/) is a group of Israeli activists involved in the long ongoing struggle for Palestinian rights. They argue more specifically with the goal of reaching Palestinian communities in their struggle to dismantle the Israeli separation wall.

Their work in collaboration with partners has been recognized in 2008 when they won the Carl von Ossietzky Medal (awarded to citizens or initiatives that advance the Human Fundamental Rights).

They maintain an intense level of protest for 10 years now and the communities they support continued to resist despite the suffering caused by the loss of 20 classmates and countless injured. Courage is an inspiration and Anarchists against the wall refuse to suspend their support. Past two years AATW has been subject to a growing wave of attacks against anti-occupation activists in Israel and the West Bank, combined with a campaign of persecution and delegitimization.

They are fortunate to have a dedicated team of lawyers who work tirelessly to represent activists arrested during protests and actions. Between 2009 and 2012, it represents more than 150 Israelis and 250 Palestinians defended, including 50 minors. It is crucial that the legal team continues to work for the movement, but the cost of litigation requires a struggle at all times to fund their defenses.

Thank you for helping to ensure that Palestinians and Israelis who are fighting for justice that they will be defended against the civilian justice and military system.

IFA-IAF Congress St-Imier August 9-11, 2012. Public statement

Public statement from IFA Congress Saint-Imier 2012, 9-12th August to other exploited and oppressed people of the World.

The St. Imier meeting has enabled a lot of groups and militants that are member and non-members of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA) to meet each other. IFA would like to sum up the events of the last few days.

One hundred and forty years ago in this town an international movement of 'anti-authoritarians' was founded. It played a major part in the creation of an organised movement of anarchists. They worked then for profound social transformation, and in this manner we have participated, as IFA, in the international meeting in St-Imier. What we have to offer is the best sort of society that humanity is capable of achieving. We want to create a world in which there is complete economic equality, by which we mean that there should be no personal property but that we produce and own everything communally, with no need for money.


Solidarity with the Greek anarchist movement

Solidarity statement  December 2008

Solidarity from the International of Anarchist Federations

The International of Anarchist Federations expresses its support and solidarity for the Greek anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement in their struggles against state oppression and brutality. The forces of the State have used violence on a massive scale to suppress the protests. They have used up all the tear gas that they had in stock and are now importing it from Israel and Germany. So many tear gas bullets have been fired that students at Thessaloniki University are using these tear gas bullets as Christmas decorations !