Further statements and links to articles by anarchists, on Ukraine

A set of articles from different organisations compiled by AF (Britain): https://organisemagazine.org.uk/2022/03/12/ukraine-the-anarchist-response-statements/

Czech-Slovak AF (25th February, 2022): Proti invazi, avšak bez pokrytectví (Against the invasion, without hypocrisy)

FAB, Bulgaria (28th February, 2022) – Позиция на ФАКБ за войната в Украина (No War but the Class War):

APO, Greece (original in Greek, 10th March, 2022): Ενάντια στον πόλεμο, το κράτος, τον καπιταλισμό, το φασισμό και τον ιμπεριαλισμό English translation: Against the war, the state, fascism & imperialism