Renewed crowdfunding call to support anarchist and anti-fascist prisoners in Belarus

Original article on Anarchist Black Cross-Belarus website

For over 10 years ABC-Belarus has been supporting antifascists, anarchists and other political prisoners in their struggle against the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko. The last uprising in 2020 provoked a huge wave of repression against activists of all kinds.

Right now over 1000 people are in prison for political reasons. Among them 26 are anarchists and antifascists. ABC-Belarus requires your donations to continue supporting repressed antifascists and anarchists in the country

What your money will be used for?

The money that goes to ABC-Belarus is used for:

  •  Supporting prisoners: paying lawyers, paying for parcels and, if necessary, supporting the prisoner’s family.
  • Support for former prisoners as they recover from prison
  • Support for administrative prisoners
  • Medical and psychological assistance for activists, if necessary
  • Sending inmate letters written through our online form

We do not depend on any foundations or grants. Almost all our money comes from donations of ordinary people and activists from Belarus and other countries. A small part of the money we raise from selling books, T-shirts and brochures. It is important for us to make clear right away that ABC-Belarus activists do not receive any compensation for their work. We all work in our spare time and do it solely out of political convictions.

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