AF Czech Republic. New issue of anarchist revue Existence released

Main topic of this issue of revue Existence is a response to the situation associated with the massive arrival to Europe of refugees fleeing war and poverty.

European states have failed in an obligation to help these people and try to make their situation as unpleasant as possible. One of those states is also Czech Republic, whose policy is to bullying refugees who occasionally pass through its territory. Here, they are then robbed of resources and unreasonably detained in prisons. Simultaneously with the support of the media and many politicians a wave of xenophobia and fascist tendencies is engulfing the country. But there are also people, including anarchists who defy such a development. One interesting phenomenon became active assistance to refugees at home and especially abroad. This assistance has clear elements of organization from below, so we decided to look at it from an anarchist perspective.

We show the activity of the autonomous center Klinika, which became the inspiration for the provision of assistance to refugees and Hlavák Initiative, which operates at the Prague main railway station. A survey among volunteers, who worked abroad, brings their view of the organization from the bottom and criticism of institutionalized humanitarian organizations. We also looked for examples of help from below abroad, as depicted in an article about Occupy Sandy.


Anarcha-feminism. Organising for @Fem2014: an anarcha-feminist conference in London on October 19th, 2014.

Organising for @Fem2014: an anarcha-feminist conference in London on October 19th 2014

(and hopefully annually). Please get involved!

In spite of the supposed gains of mainstream feminism, women have not achieved equal status with men. This is the case in legal, economic, social and political terms, and also in the bedroom. In the current crisis of Capitalism, women are suffering more than men. Mainstream reformers and authoritarian-left political parties achieve little for us. But Capitalism is not the only cause of our oppression. Women are kept down by religion and patriarchy too, which can operate outside of capitalism. Capitalism supports these oppressive forces. In some cases they impact on women as much as economic exploitation.

But in the anarchist movement too, we are still not equal. We are not represented in equal numbers and often are not taken seriously. Barriers to our full political participation remain intact. Whilst on paper we are equal, we sometimes face straight-forward sexism in our movement and even in our own groups and organisations. This means that our anarchist movement is not truly 'anarchist'.


Argentina. A new house for the FLA

Comrades and friends,

We are happy to inform you about the opening of our new house in the city of Buenos aires. This space will serve as the new venue of the Federación Libertaria Argentina, the Bachillerato Popular Escuela libre de Constitución and the Popular Library Los Libros de la Buena Memoria.

We wanted to let you know about our commitment to making this place into a space of freedom, and opening our doors to everyone who wants to create a just world, without exploitation, opression, without leaders or people being lead, where the deep changes we want are undertaken in horizontality and solidarity.