IAF Statement against all armies and wars

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The IFA meeting in Milano (28/29. 11. 2015) reaffirms its opposition to all armies and wars.

It’s the states that sell the weapons that will kill populations in the future. Military interventions, whether direct or indirect, are one of the main causes of destabilisation in regions worldwide (e.g. Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Somalia). These interventions favour armed groups, mafia structures and exploitative trafficking.

The civil populations that suffer in these conflicts are forced to flee, taking refuge in precarious tent camps or trying their luck on dangerous and often fatal journeys to Europe.

We express our solidarity with the migrants coming to fortress Europe to flee war, unbearable economic situations and inhumane conditions.

Nationalist feelings and the normalisation of militarism are on the rise in response to a combination of mass migration, terrorist attacks and war.

We strongly oppose this process and strive for a world without borders and states.

States use the war in their own territories to identify an enemy within that then needs to be repressed, and they implement a state of emergency and emergency laws. Indeed, this then serves to attack social movements and the freedom of the people. This situation is also being used to strengthen austerity measures.

We fight against religious and state violence.

We do not accept calls for „national unity“ in the name of a war against terrorism. We know our real enemies, they are :

  • nationalism,
  • religious fundamentalism,
  • capitalist oppression,
  • militarism,
  • racism and
  • the state.

In this situation we offer our support to all victims of the violence of States and religion around the world. We call on populations to resist xenophobic propaganda and to build new forms of solidarity against the wars the states want to involve us in.

International Anarchist Federation, Milan, November 15, the 28-29.