Mexico. Free Mario Gonzales and all imprisoned anarchists in Mexico and elsewhere.

Jorge Mario González García was arbitrarily arrested in October 2013. When he was arrested, he had committed no crime, had no arrest warrant was issued. He was arrested while traveling in a bus and the accusation of breaking public order has been assigned was never proven.

Mario was tortured and deprived of liberty after a show-trial which was used as a cover to persecute a social activist.

Mario González has been incarcerated since October 2, 2013, he was sentenced to more than five years in prison. Last December, Mario stopped a 60 days hunger strike which had significant effects on his health.

His partner, Nuria Roxana Ramírez, is also targeted. She was harassed by the Mexico City Government and criminalized in the media by a capitalist disinformation campaign continually spreading lies. This is a common strategy of the Mexico City Government, having already shown with Mario Luna Flores and other activists considered dangerous by the authorities.

For expressing disagreement, protesting or demonstrating, no one should be prosecuted, imprisoned or harassed.

Immediate release for Mario González !
Stop repression and harassment against Nuria Ramirez !
Stop the persecution and defamation of social activists !