Cuba. Police prevent thought and action by Cuban anarchists

In Cuba, the persecution of opponents of state repression is increasing. Anarchists are exposing the function of the new labour laws, which are designed to smooth the path of Cuba from state-capitalist to a more obviously liberal capitalism.

Our anarchist comrades are being stopped, detained or fired because of their political stance. In the latest example of this, anarchist members of Observatorio Critico have been threatened with reprisals if they continue to debate in public the introduction of new labour laws.

On Sunday 29th September 2013, around 13 people debated the Labour Laws document in the El Curita park. The Communist Party and the Workers' Union of Cuba had called for public debate but this is only allowed in workplaces under the umbrella of state institutions and trade union sections. The police are preventing wider discussion by treating the meeting in the park as a crime.

One comrade Isbel Díaz Torres was detained. The cops told him that they will not allow any counter-revolutionary activity, to which he answered that he felt more revolutionary and more left-wing than them. It is clear that we speak of two different concepts of revolution: that of the police who aim to continue the status quo, and ours which seeks to liberate and socialise the capacity for popular self-management. Another comrade, Jimmy Roque, has recently been fired from his job.

This intimidation and use of repressive methods must be denounced. We will do our best to help our Cuban comrades who are facing victimisation by police sanctions and to support their pursuit of 'revolution within the revolution'.

International of Anarchist Federations, December 13.