Slovenia. Solidarity statement for the popular uprisings in Slovenia

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The member federations of IFA-IAF (International of Anarchist Federations) recognise the current struggles in Slovenia and express their full solidarity with the people who have risen up in a decentralised and widespread revolt against political elites and neo-liberalism.

This uprising started in Maribor in December 2012 and has quickly spread across the whole country. For us, the most inspiring part of this uprising is the opening up of a political space for non-hierarchical self-organisation. This is most visible in the popular assemblies and in the actions that have emerged from it.

The Slovenian state has now begun a large repression of activists including judicial trials with legal bills to pay. As IFA-IAF, we strongly condemn this repression by the State and we demand the immediate halt of all legal procedures against protestors. Police violence and legal persecution should stop immediately! We are witnessing very similar patterns of uprisings and oppression in Croatia and Bulgaria, and we express full solidarity to these as well. The uprisings in Slovenia are one part of the widespread and global struggle in Europe against capitalist devastation and ruling class repression.

CRIFA (Relations committee/Delegate meeting of the International of Anarchist Federations), 24th March 2013, Trieste (Italy).