Italy. Call against EXPO – MILANO 2015

The First of May, day of struggle and celebration of the working class, will be in 2015, the opening day of the world exposition Expo in Milan: the maximum expression of the capitalistic model of the XXI century.

Expo is not only a fair, it is not an exposition that will take place in a place and time welll defined.

Expo overcomes its historical role and extend itself, beyond its natural spaces and times, to all key nodes of people's social life.

Expo has an invasive nature and is the model of a social system characterized by a progressive and incessant privatization process. This privatization starts by the speculative processes on allotments where the world fair's pavillons have been builded, and extends itself to ample urban areas, reproducing mechanisms of gentrification and expropriation that are going on since the '90s of last century, at the expense of ever more large sectors of the proletarian population, subjected to violent forced evictions.

Expo is the maximum example of "great work" (enormous construction project, as TAV ), that consists in drainage of public money for the benefit of companies that, through a system based on corruption and clientelism, manage a devastating and usless road and mobility network under the banner of cement and tar. The higway and road network will change in an irreparable way the non-urban environment of the region. The capitalistic system in its devastating lethal run, has anyway to show a clean image, and for that reason Expo and the great majority of the States and companies play, for this edition of the World Exposition, the card of food with propagandistic slogans related to the will and capacity to feed the entire world.

The Expo want to represent a pacified world in which, in accordance with the structural hierarchies of the system, different ways of production and consumption passed off one time as mutually opposite can coexist. In reality these ways of production were only competitors in the same capitalistic market. So there is the possibility to see companies as Monsanto – major responsible for GMO food production – together with companies that support the so-called organic and green market.

Mc Donald's and Nestlè hand in hand with Slow Food.

In this sort of perfect world represented by Expo, the different conflicts and contradictions have to be banned, first of all the one between capital and work.

The processes of realization and management of Expo must be laboratories of legislative and juridical experimentation of enslaving forms of work. Agreements between bosses, institutions and unions sanction the will of making the single worker completely subdued to the logic of market.

The worker is no more, in its contractual form, a collective subject but an atomized individual, separated, that has an individual and asymmetric relation with his employer. In this case the employer is a temp agency that is appointed to make selections in which the first requisite is the capacity of resilience, that is the attitude of adapting to the change of working conditions. The work is no more considered as selling of workforce for an appropriate salary: with the excuse of formative opportunities, through voluntary collaboration, apprenticeship, etc. a form of slavery is reappearing: work without salary.

An army of costless workforce, that has been created also through compulsory formative activities in the high school and in the university.

We reported, briefly and synthetically, some of the reasons why we confirm our refuse and opposition to the carrying out of Expo 2015.

A refuse that will not be restricted to the opposition to the opening days, but that should have the will and capacity to create a concrete alternative against the social and economical diktat of this system.

Start by these days of May in order to link and unite the different fields of social conflict: the uncompromising struggle against environmental devastation with the struggle for the safeguard of the right to a dignified job and income. The will to put before a free and critic way of education than the one subdued to the business logic as the school and university are now defined, with the will to reinterpret social models in an alternative way to the ones imposed by cultures based on religion, patriarchy, hierarchy and autority.

With this will of opposition and proposal, as anarchists of FAI, we invite all the structures of the Federation, to spread the issues linked to the Expo in local initiatives for the First May and we call to the maximum participation to the initiatives that will take place in Milan. These initiatives will start from April 30 with a national student demonstration. In the International Day of Struggle of the First May a demonstration will cross the city and the symbols of the exploiter and plunderer character of Expo. The initiatives will continue in the two following days with direct actions of block and opposition to the official opening of the fair and with proposals to continue the movement in the following months will be decided in an assembly.

National Meeting of the Italian Anarchist Federation (FAI), Milan 21st 22nd of March 2015

May Day – No Expo
1st of May
h 14 Piazza XXIV Maggio