France. Shootout at Charlie Hebdo

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The French Anarchist Federation learns with horror the killing taken place in the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, that left 12 deaths and 11 injured.
We share the commotion, the indignation, and the grief of the families, of friends, of colleagues after this hideous crime. Among the victims, some had contributed for a while in our newspaper Le Monde Libertaire, and if our positions might had diverged afterwards, they will remain in the memory of several comrades.

This attack should remind us that religious obscurantism as political obscurantism is lethal.

We condemn the killings, but we also stay vigilant face to reactions of the far right or to the police schemes of the State.

We will continue to fight oppression, authoritarianism and intolerance, whether they hide behind religion, the nation or security constraints.

French Anarchist Federation, January 7th 2015

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