Czech Republic. May Day – internationally against militarism

Situation in our country starts to resemble the era of Cold war. US army organizes a military parade across east Europe, mainstream media hails propaganda of USA, high-ranking politician would gladly accept permanent presence of soldiers of United States. The similar slogans, that were used to celebrate USSR, now celebrate USA. The similar catchwords, that were used to defame US imperialism, defame now Russia.

This is all because we are forced to accept alleged need of strengthening our army to defend against Russian threat.
In response to this propaganda, increasing number of people hail the other side of bipolar view of the world. Both groups are blind to cruelty of their favourite superpower and blind to the real oppressor.

Our response should be international struggle against capitalistic nationalistic militarism. We should point out that we do not have to choose between two imperialistic world powers. The bipolar world of cold war, nationalism and militarism are beneficial only for men in power and big military business, which parasitize on misery of the people. There is no benefit for the people at the bottom of society. Our struggle is supposed to be the struggle for better living conditions, for freedom.

That is why Anarchistická federace (Czech) together with Autonomna akcia (Russia) organize the May Day demonstration against militarism. In this madness of strengthening militarism and nationalism, it is necessary to show the possibility of a third way of the international fight against economic oppression. Therefore we would be glad, if you, our comrades, will support the demonstration, whether by presence on demonstration or by spreading of its idea.

Let's together declare war on the war.


Czech Republic. Anticapitalist bloc on Stop TTIP demonstration in Prague

For the demonstration against TTIP on April 18, we will organize a separate anticapitalist bloc. We chose to do so because we want to make clear that our criticism of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is going farther than the criticism of the group Stop TTIP. We are convinced that it is important not to stop at this point and just critizice this free trade agreement itself. It is just another manifestation of capitalism and it's foundation in inequality. We want democracy without capitalism!

Our approach doesn't just differ in what we believe has to be critized, but also expresses itself in another visual ways. On Saturday, April 18,xwe will form a colorful bloc. For this, we will bring pink scarves and umbrellas of different colors. To offer you the opportunitiy to participate in our bloc more easily, we organized a meeting at the autonomous social center Klinika on April 11 at 17:30. If you are interested in getting to know more about TTIP, the plans for the bloc or if you would like to join us for its preparation, you're very welcome, feel invited. Also there will be a workshop where we will prepare transparents and other things for the demonstration.

This workshop will take place on Thursday, April 16 at 18h, also at Klinika. This is also where we meet before the demonstration on April 18 at 12:30h to go there all together. Join our colorful and frisky protest that aims right at the center of the problem! Join the anticapitalist bloc! State, nation, capital, TTIP – bullshit!

Meetingpoint for all participants of the anticapitalist bloc before the demonstration will be at the autonomous social center Klinika (Jeseniova 60, Praha 3) on April 18, 2015, 12:30h.


Turkey. If the government is thirsty for blood, then take it !

On the first anniversary of the murder of Berkin Elvan, our comrades opened a pankart on the stairs of Gezi Park, written " Berkin is here".

Our 8 comrades are assaulted, abused and taken into custody, handcuffed from the back.
They poured red paint on the stairs of the Gezi Park, shouting " If the government is thirsty for blood, then take it."

We are going to call the murderers to account!
Berkin is here, we are here!

LAF (High School Anarchist Action)