Issued by Anarchist Political Organization / Federation of Collectives,

  • General strike of February 4 against insurance policies.
  • Organization and struggle against state and capitalistic brutality : Update from the strike rally in Patra and update from the strike in Thessaloniki.
  • Solidarity with the 21 prosecuted antifascists.
  • Destroy the manipulated accusations of the cops. Immediate acquittal of the 2 students.
  • Solidarity with the total objectors of military service.
  • Solidarity with refugees and immigrants.
  • Immediate release of Sanaa Taleb, and all imprisoned immigrants and refugees.
  • About the attempt of extradition of the 5 fighters to the Italian authorities.
  • No tolerance towards fascists.
  • Text occasioned by the "Black December".
  • About the (first) evacuation of Eidomeni.
  • Our dreams, their nightmares. (Regard Noir - France)
  • No work at Sundays, we will not back the capitalists.

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Greece. LAND & FREEDOM #1

Land and Freedom 1.1 page 001

Briefing from the founding congress of the Anarchist Political Organization

December 2008-December 2015

  1. From spontaneous insurrection to organized and continuous struggle for social revolution, anarchy and libertarian communism
  2. Solidarity with the workers’ struggle of the occupied VIOME factory
  3. Our solidarity shall destroy national borders, fences and concentration camps
  4. Social and class movements are responding to the vulgarity of Authority [Announcement by “Black and Red” on the demonstration against Evros border fence]
  5. Attacks in Paris against their wars, our solidarity [Alternative Libertaire]
  6. Statement by the FA group Regard Noir, following the events of November 13 in Paris


Greece. Update on the solidarity demonstation in Athens for the kurdish resistance and self-organisation

The Common Week of Actions, planned to take place from 6th to 13th of February, was concluded in Athens with a demonstation in solidarity to the resistance and self-organisation of the kurdish territories and against the military operations of the security forces. More than 400 anarchists/libertarians participated in the demo, which started from Monastiraki, went through Omonia square and in the crosssection of Patision and Stadiou streets came upon a wall of riot police squads. 

Finally it was made feasible for the demo to conitnue on the Stadiou street and reach the Propulaia square.

The police forces did not permit the march to reach Syntagma square, where it was planned to join the march of Kurdish and Turkish activists, that were coming from Agia Paraskevi. That march was cut off as well from the police but made it to Syntagma square from alternative roads. After the end of the demo, larger or smaller groups of comrades did make it to Syntagma and met the Kurdish and Turkish activists. All of them marched together towards the Turkish embassy. A few blocks from the embassy, on the crosssection of Vasilisis Sofias and Rigilis streets, this march was also intercepted by riot police forces.