Spain. FAI (Basque Country) about the Strike on 30th, May


The Iberian Anarchist Federation of Basque Country wants to translate to the public its position on the protest day, so-called strike, on May 30th.

First, denounce the attitude of complete disunity of unions, attitude that take away strength and force to that protest day, and led the unemployed and workers projected onto the feeling that this mobilization will not do any good as long as the employers and their government start laughing and rubbing their hands at the sight, once again, the total disunity staged by workers who claim to be their representatives.



Austria. Pizzeria Anarchia Vienna

Pizza stays!

How it started...

The Pizzeria Anarchia is a house project located at the Mühlfedgasse 12 in the second district in Vienna. It exist since November 2011 and is now in danger of eviction. At that time, the two owners of the house, Avner Motaev and Nery Alaev, owners of Castella GmbH, offered a temporary use free of charge, first until March, later until June 2012. Even though they claimed to be motivated by social responsibility, it became quickly obvious that their real motivation (which they admitted in front of the judge by now) was to scare away the remaining tenants. Due to their permanent rent contracts, it was nearly impossible to displace them by juridical means, and they also couldn't be persuaded to move out by the sabotage and intimidations made by the owners.


Turkey. May Day Resistance in İstanbul

Last three year, turkish state gave permission to the workers union to "celebrate" May Day in Taksim where is one of the symbol square for revolutionary people because of its place in Bloody May Day history in 1977. Turkish state forbid Taksim Square for May Day this year same as three years before. During this "legal" May Day years, state tried to make people forget the real meaning of May Day. We know that May Day is the rebel day of the oppressed ones, workers and revolutionary people. It is the day we raise the anger against state and capitalists. This year state changed its strategy for May Day. The governor of İstanbul ban all transportation in the city, set up control points for the ones who wants to protest the situation.