London Anarchist Bookfair 2013


The 2013 London Anarchist Bookfair will be on Saturday 19th October From 10am to 7pm.

Booking stalls, meetings and adverts... If you want to book a stall or meeting at this year's London Anarchist Bookfair then check out the bookings page and follow the guidance there.

The venue

We will be holding the bookfair at Queen Mary's university on the Mile End Road again. In 2012, there were a few problems with the venue, including some of the meeting rooms being too small, crowding on the main staircase and the lift being out of action for part of the day, which made it difficult for people with mobility problems getting from floor to floor.

We spent the time after the bookfair looking at other possible venues, but we couldn't find anything that suited the event better than Queen Mary's. Most didn't have the space we needed for 110 stalls, 60 meetings, films and three children and youth spaces. Some did, but they were either far too expensive, or had bad connections (i.e. the Excel building runs the arms fayre as well).

So, we stuck with Queen Mary's but we have been chatting with the venue and have identified some bigger rooms for meetings, and we can use other staircases in the Bancroft building for getting around the building. This should solve a lot of the problems of 2012 – although the problems are of our own making, as the bookfair is just too successful! We are also looking at the situation with the lift so this problem doesn't happen in 2013.


Publication of the second volume of “Proudhonist Studies”

The second volume of "Proudhonist Studies"devoted to "Property" of René Berthier, has been published by Éditions du Monde libertaire (In French).

The problems raised by Proudhon's economic critique remain topical today. This is especially true of the question of property. The "message" that is contained is based on the fact that the status of the ownership of the means of production may not be the main differentiating criterion of economic systems. This question, however, lies at the forefront of debate and controversy in the early socialist movement, and various schools of Marxism have seen as a solution to this problem what they considered the antithesis of private ownership: state ownership.


Netherlands : Administrative detention, chasing refugees and the case of the hunger strikers

The Netherlands: Administrative detention, chasing refugees and the case of the hunger strikers

The Netherlands, once a showcase for tolerance, is quickly degrading into a country where human rights are just a vague memory from the past. Refugees in search for a safe haven find themselves being locked up indefinitely in a prison regime. Independent medical attention is being made as difficult as possible.

Politics crushes basic human rights and it actually seems like a large group of the voters - fed by classical conditioning that every refugee is a criminal and a parasite - supports the inhumane treatment which suggests apartheid is still deeply rooted and never left. In this article some of the events of the last weeks are being told.

When refugees arrive by plane, they get to be detained right away. The case of 29 Ina from Mali is an example of how this process works. Ina escaped from a horrible life in Mali and arrived at Schiphol airport with her passport. Immigration services confiscated her papers and she was put in prison for seven months. Once in court for her asylum procedure, immigration services stated Ina made up her story and destroyed her passport herself after they had returned it to her. Supposedly Ina signed a receipt for getting back her passport. Immigration services' lawyer wasn't able to produce the receipt and the judge ordered for her to be released.