Venezuela. El Libertario will continue to resist the hegemony of communication of the Venezuelan state

El Libertario will continue to resist the hegemony of communication of the Venezuelan state.

Due to the dollarization of the Venezuelan economy, the control of the rate of exchange by the Nicolas Maduro' government and the importation of 100% of the resources for the graphic arts industry, since the end of 2013 the country´s printing presses - including the one we have worked with for the past 6 years- are suffering the lack of prime materials, particularly paper. That is forcing many printers in the country to shrink their editions and others to limit themselves to digital format, particularly impacting independent media such as ours.

This situation is not only the consequence of erratic economic decisions and the deepening of the extractive and clientele economy in Venezuela, but is also an opportunity for the government to exert political control over non-state sectors. As has happened with the TV spectrum, access to dollars and permits for importing supplies are being used by the Madurista" government in power to silence any type of dissidence and to render as invisible as possible its excesses and contradictions.



Greece. From Athens, a new attack to a steki

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On Saturday morning, about 100 members of the Golden Dawn did a parade in the areas of Keratsini and Amfiali . The fascists have passed from the place where the anti-fascist Pavlos Fyssas was assassinated by members of the Golden Dawn and caused damage to the monument that was placed in the point of murder. They then continued the way to the steki-Space-anarchist "Resalto" who attacked throwing stones (always wearing t-shirts Crysi Avgi-Golden Dawn).

Because of this attack on the steki "Resalto" the neighboring house suffered severe damage. Among them, with stones and cobblestones, the windows of the bedroom where a child was sleeping at that time were shattered, fortunately without harming her. The 15 comrades present in the "Resalto" space strongly responded to the attack of the fascists. During this attack, the police were present, with a position of total tolerance for the actions of fascists.

Of course, neither during nor after this attack any fascist was stopped or arrested. At the same time, in the close area called Korydallos, an anti-fascist demonstration was carried out. After all this, the "Resalto" steki issued a call for a gathering and a demonstration, which was attended by about 400 people. The demonstration wound its way through the streets surrounding, clearing fascist slogans and chanting anti-fascist slogans, of course surrounded by large police forces. The fascist attack did not remain unanswered and the purpose of the anti-fascist struggle fighter is to not leave anything unanswered.

Solidarity with the anti-authoritarian space "Resalto" Militant anti-fascism everywhere!

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Turkey. Last Situation in Turkey


We, the oppressed ones, are eveyday living the days that the states makes our lives poorer by their injustice, that the powers steal our lives with corruption. Today, what the war between the AKP constituents showed us, is not only the theft of this government but also the reality of all governments would be thieves. Because beyond the governments, the states are stealing our lives.

While the ministers' sons stealing from the people is put under the protection of the law, while the state is serving for the benefits of the boss, while the urban gentrification projects leave the oppressed ones homeless and "somebody" take the advantage of this, while the people who barely pay for their rents are getting poorer and poorer, while the meaning of work is becoming the same thing with enslavement, while it is getting normal to die working, while it is illegal to stand up against this goings-on, while the people are trying to be silenced with repression and punishments, while Berkin Elvan and Elif Çermik are resisting for their lives in the hospitals because of being targetted by the gas canisters; then the rebel is inescapable.