Issued by Anarchist Political Organization / Federation of Collectives,

  • General strike of February 4 against insurance policies.
  • Organization and struggle against state and capitalistic brutality : Update from the strike rally in Patra and update from the strike in Thessaloniki.
  • Solidarity with the 21 prosecuted antifascists.
  • Destroy the manipulated accusations of the cops. Immediate acquittal of the 2 students.
  • Solidarity with the total objectors of military service.
  • Solidarity with refugees and immigrants.
  • Immediate release of Sanaa Taleb, and all imprisoned immigrants and refugees.
  • About the attempt of extradition of the 5 fighters to the Italian authorities.
  • No tolerance towards fascists.
  • Text occasioned by the "Black December".
  • About the (first) evacuation of Eidomeni.
  • Our dreams, their nightmares. (Regard Noir - France)
  • No work at Sundays, we will not back the capitalists.

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