Greece. LAND & FREEDOM #1

Land and Freedom 1.1 page 001

Briefing from the founding congress of the Anarchist Political Organization

December 2008-December 2015

  1. From spontaneous insurrection to organized and continuous struggle for social revolution, anarchy and libertarian communism
  2. Solidarity with the workers’ struggle of the occupied VIOME factory
  3. Our solidarity shall destroy national borders, fences and concentration camps
  4. Social and class movements are responding to the vulgarity of Authority [Announcement by “Black and Red” on the demonstration against Evros border fence]
  5. Attacks in Paris against their wars, our solidarity [Alternative Libertaire]
  6. Statement by the FA group Regard Noir, following the events of November 13 in Paris

On Ankara blasts, October 10, 2015

  1. Can’t be forgotten, can’t be forgiven! [Statement from Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)]
  2. Rage for the murder of our brothers and sisters by the Turkish State in Ankara
  3. Fascist murderers and para-statists we will burry you deep underground!
  4. Demonstrations against the Turkish Embassy in Athens and the Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki
  5. Anarchist Political Organization/Federation of Collectives: Founding Declaration
  6. Abstain from voting − Participate in social and class struggles
  7. On the demonstration against Thessaloniki International Expo
  8. Announcement of the squat "Philippou and Siatistis" (Mundo Nuevo) on the evacuation threats
  9. Solidarity with the new squat "Philippou and Siatistis" (Mundo Nuevo) in Thessaloniki

On the November 12 general strike rally in Patras

  1. Block the extradition of the 5 students accused for the NoExpo 1st May 2015 demonstration in Milan
  2. Solidarity with anarchist Thodoris Sipsas
  3. Fascism can only be destroyed in the streets by social fighters

About the rally of 29th of November in Paris against the World Climate Summit and the State of Emergency

Balkan Anarchist Meeting (11-14 October 2015, Thessaloniki)

Issued by Anarchist Political Organisation / Federation of Collectives (Greece)

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