AF Czech Republic. New issue of anarchist revue Existence released

Main topic of this issue of revue Existence is a response to the situation associated with the massive arrival to Europe of refugees fleeing war and poverty.

European states have failed in an obligation to help these people and try to make their situation as unpleasant as possible. One of those states is also Czech Republic, whose policy is to bullying refugees who occasionally pass through its territory. Here, they are then robbed of resources and unreasonably detained in prisons. Simultaneously with the support of the media and many politicians a wave of xenophobia and fascist tendencies is engulfing the country. But there are also people, including anarchists who defy such a development. One interesting phenomenon became active assistance to refugees at home and especially abroad. This assistance has clear elements of organization from below, so we decided to look at it from an anarchist perspective.

We show the activity of the autonomous center Klinika, which became the inspiration for the provision of assistance to refugees and Hlavák Initiative, which operates at the Prague main railway station. A survey among volunteers, who worked abroad, brings their view of the organization from the bottom and criticism of institutionalized humanitarian organizations. We also looked for examples of help from below abroad, as depicted in an article about Occupy Sandy.

In other texts, we inform about the rise of nationalism and racism in Israel, return home to the persecution of the anarchist movement, and acquaint readers with the working conditions on tea estates in India. We went to Poland in search of the history of the anarchist movement.

Anarchist Federation (AF) in this issue presents the text on the prospects for anarchist organizing and things that need to be addressed in the future. Publishing house of Anarchist Federation offers two new publications – first on Ukraine and second on the protest movements of recent years.

As always there are texts of the latest three issues A3 wall newspapers and extensive overview of the activities of domestic anti-authoritarian movement, dominated by events to support of refugees and against the anti-anarchist repression.

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