Cuba. Police prevent thought and action by Cuban anarchists

In Cuba, the persecution of opponents of state repression is increasing. Anarchists are exposing the function of the new labour laws, which are designed to smooth the path of Cuba from state-capitalist to a more obviously liberal capitalism.

Our anarchist comrades are being stopped, detained or fired because of their political stance. In the latest example of this, anarchist members of Observatorio Critico have been threatened with reprisals if they continue to debate in public the introduction of new labour laws.

On Sunday 29th September 2013, around 13 people debated the Labour Laws document in the El Curita park. The Communist Party and the Workers' Union of Cuba had called for public debate but this is only allowed in workplaces under the umbrella of state institutions and trade union sections. The police are preventing wider discussion by treating the meeting in the park as a crime.

One comrade Isbel Díaz Torres was detained. The cops told him that they will not allow any counter-revolutionary activity, to which he answered that he felt more revolutionary and more left-wing than them. It is clear that we speak of two different concepts of revolution: that of the police who aim to continue the status quo, and ours which seeks to liberate and socialise the capacity for popular self-management. Another comrade, Jimmy Roque, has recently been fired from his job.

This intimidation and use of repressive methods must be denounced. We will do our best to help our Cuban comrades who are facing victimisation by police sanctions and to support their pursuit of 'revolution within the revolution'.

International of Anarchist Federations, December 13.

Brazil. No to police cooperation ! Long live international solidarity !

At the end of 2013, the French police, the CRS (Republican Security Company), went to train police officers of the "Shock Battalion" (Batalhão de Choque - BPCHq ) of the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro after the demonstrations that took place in Brazil some months ago.

The purpose of the exchange between the two police forces was to exchange information about how to react during riots, acts of vandalism, and to control violent groups, and other registered depredations in view of events that might take place during the World Football Cup and the Olympics in 2016.

The French police seems to be specialized in managing protest demonstrations and in crowd control. The French government has already demonstrated in the past its haste to bring a repressive and military aid :

  • During "Operation Condor", which consisted of a preventive counter-revolution in favor of the South American dictators in the 1970s, thousands of political opponents were killed or disappeared. The French police brought its "expertise" (torture, techniques of counter-guerrilla, controlling neighborhoods) inherited from the war in Algeria. This has resulted, in particular, in the activities of "death squads".
  • More recently, at the beginning of the revolution in Tunisia, the French government offered its services to intervene and to assist the regime in suppressing the protest movements. France has also sent police equipment to Ben Ali.
  • In 2010, the French police intervened in Egypt with officers of public law enforcement and state security, in order to teach them "crowd management and major events".
  • Not to mention the military interventions in Africa and elsewhere...

Police States will do everything to stifle and suppress the protest movements which appear in Brazil, Mexico, North Africa and elsewhere.

In Brazil, the amounts of money involved in the huge projects of the World Cup clash with the reality of a population fighting for these rights, for greater equality and social justice.

Our response must be the construction of actual solidarity so as to face police repression, misery and exploitation.

We condemn in the strongest terms these repressive policies and invite all libertarian organizations to join the protest movements in order to offer them assistance and logistical and technical support, to disseminate their actions and to establish networks of solidarity against police repression, in conjunction with the International of Anarchist Federations.

International of Anarchist Federations, December 13.

Slovenia. Solidarity statement for the popular uprisings in Slovenia

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The member federations of IFA-IAF (International of Anarchist Federations) recognise the current struggles in Slovenia and express their full solidarity with the people who have risen up in a decentralised and widespread revolt against political elites and neo-liberalism.

This uprising started in Maribor in December 2012 and has quickly spread across the whole country. For us, the most inspiring part of this uprising is the opening up of a political space for non-hierarchical self-organisation. This is most visible in the popular assemblies and in the actions that have emerged from it.

The Slovenian state has now begun a large repression of activists including judicial trials with legal bills to pay. As IFA-IAF, we strongly condemn this repression by the State and we demand the immediate halt of all legal procedures against protestors. Police violence and legal persecution should stop immediately! We are witnessing very similar patterns of uprisings and oppression in Croatia and Bulgaria, and we express full solidarity to these as well. The uprisings in Slovenia are one part of the widespread and global struggle in Europe against capitalist devastation and ruling class repression.

CRIFA (Relations committee/Delegate meeting of the International of Anarchist Federations), 24th March 2013, Trieste (Italy).