IFA call for solidarity with DAF in Turkey & Kurdistan

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Since the coup in Turkey and the imposition of the state of emergency, we have seen increased repression of ‎many groups and movements operating there. This is not only aimed at the organizers of the coup, but a wide ‎repression of democratic, socialist, Kurdish groups and including our anarchist comrades of the DAF ‎‎(Devrimci Anarsist Faaliyet / Revolutionary Anarchist Action).‎

On two occasions, in 2010 and 2012, DAF has already been investigated by the state as a terror organization but ‎these cases were dropped. Now, because of the state of emergency, the ability of DAF to organize is even more ‎difficult. Their newspaper Meydan has been closed down and three new investigations have been started. This has ‎also had serious economic impact for DAF.‎

In recent years DAF has been involved in many struggles including Gezi Park and supporting the Kurdish ‎revolutionary process in Rojava and Bakur including refugee support. They are involved in workers’ and youth ‎movement activities, ecological actions and anti-militarism, opposing patriarchy and supporting the LGBTI ‎movement, and have been developing practices of collective living and economy and self-organisation.‎

IFA has already been involved in the solidarity movement with Rojava in many respects and in close cooperation ‎with DAF. Now, due to the changed situation in Turkey, we must expand our support to DAF in more concrete ways. ‎We also have to be vigilant of the real possibility of increased repression of DAF and the wider anarchist movement ‎in the region and to be able to respond rapidly with strong solidarity actions. IFA is committed to this and we call on ‎all friendly organizations to join us and also provide financial solidarity to DAF.‎

To support the call for solidarity & concrete support, you can contact the IFA secretariat


website: anarsistfaaliyet.org