Statement in solidarity with migrants.

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The CRIFA in Ljubljana reaffirms solidarity with refugees and migrants. Many of our federations (especially in Europe, including the Mediterranean and the Balkans regions) are involved in concrete solidarity with refugees by hosting people, helping them with medicine, legal processes, developing self-organisation and organising demonstrations.

We fight against far-right activists who are taking advantage of the situation to develop their xenophobic agendas. We oppose nation states, which are encouraging nationalism, building walls and closing borders, the same states that support global capitalism and free movement of money or trade agreements which exploit people inside national borders.

In sight of this situation we also see good examples of solidarity and we support these initiatives. Moreover, we continue to fight against the idea of borders and to support freedom of movement in general. People must be able to move and live wherever they want to.

At this moment, the media is focussed on war refugees (Syria) but we know that migration will continue for many reasons. People have always moved to change their lives, whether it is to escape bad situations or to try and improve their living conditions. We strive to live together and share the world’s resources in the face of states, ideologies and religions that create division and confrontation.

Participants of the Relations Commissionof the International of Anarchist Federations/ Commission de relations de l'Internationale des Fédérations anarchistes (CRIFA) meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 23/24 April 2016.