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Antifascism. Tribute to Clement, antifascist forever !

Clement, 18, ​​is dead, killed by fascists on June 5 near Saint-Lazare railway station in Paris. These words are enough to say how serious the situation is.

Fascism and fascists do not belong to the past, the threat is still there, as they have shown us. Against them, we need to organize, stick together in a block.

We must show them that we will always be there to stand in their way. That their ideas do not equal ours, that there is no debate to be had.

We also need to strongly denounce the unwholesome and politicical appropriations which have already been implemented by social democratic organizations which are absent from the field of antifascist struggle.

We especially have the "UNEF" (Student union) and the "Left Party" who have not waited and have organized separately a gathering in honor of our comrade.

Though absent by their acts, these people take ownership of the dead.

We can already hear them appealing to Justice, the State, the Government to prohibit the fascist organizations, but for how long have the revolutionary groups and organizations been warning them ?

Clement was an activist in the Paris-Suburbs Anti-Fascist Action, a student member of "Solidaires" (a trade union organization), an antifascist and a revolutionary.

The French Anarchist Federation modestly address condolences to the family and friends of Clement, and says it will join with all revolutionary, progressive and honest forces to pay tribute to Clement and continue to uphold his commitment, which is not dead with him.

The French Anarchist Federation (FrAF)

Turkey : State violence and Police violence must stop !

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Following a sit-in for the preservation of Gezi Park in the central district of Taksim in Istanbul, which is to be demolished for the construction of a shopping center, the Turkish police launched a violent attack against the peaceful protesters: teargas referred directly to the body, high pressure water, fire tents ...

Therefore spontaneous mobilization was set up in the district and conflicts have spread to other parts of the city. Thus more than 50,000 people were in the streets and the Turkish police intensified violence and severely repressed these challenges.

Currently hundreds of people are hospitalized and access to the park is blocked without legal basis. Nevertheless, the demonstrations have spread in all cities in Turkey involving all social classes, political organizations and trade unions.

Why this surge of anger?

In power since 2002, the AKP government, emanating from the Islamist movement Milli Gorus (National Vision) could integrate both neoliberal policies and conservatism based on religion and nationalism. Despite some positive reforms in relation to the Copenhagen criteria to join the European Union, it is quickly revealed to be an authoritarian and dictatorial government.

There are currently 10,000 Kurdish prisoners, including many elected representatives, thirty mayors, deputies, journalists, lawyers ... Added to trade unionists, students and adversary's of the power ... Recently the government has banned the consumption of alcohol in the streets and after hour creating a huge debate in Turkish society.

In addition, the Turkish media, which are controlled directly or have political and economic ties with the government, refuse to handle the incidents and Turkish news agencies block the diffusion of information concerning the events of Gezi Park. Beyond the problem of Gezi Park, it's an accumulation of anger against the deprivation of freedom of the press, union and political expression, sexual and the rights of ethnic and religious minorities.

The French Anarchist Federation (FA), a member of the International Anarchist Federations (IFA), denounce the authoritarianism introduced by the Turkish AKP government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is often considered as a model for the countries in the Middle East. We want to provide our full support to the protest movements in Turkey, especially the anarchist movement in face of state and religious repression.

French Anarchist Federation, Sunday, June 2, 2013.

UK. "Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead"

Links for videos on youtube : video1 / video2

Margaret Thatcher, leader of the Conservatives (or 'Tory Party') from 1975 and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1979-1990 is dead at last. Many working class people, including anarchists, are very, very happy. From the date it was announced on 8th April, there have been festivities on the streets in many towns and cities of the so-called United Kingdom. In 2013, because of her legacy, the World we now live in is more dangerous, oppressive, unequal, impoverished and corrupt.

From the start of her time in power, Thatcher's government built up Britain's military so that a generation of young people grew up in fear of nuclear conflict with the USSR. In 1982, by 'defending' the Falklands 12000 kilometres from the UK she heralded in a new era where Britain would quickly send soldiers to war around the globe, alone or as part of NATO. She openly supported the Apartheid regime in South Africa and was best friends with dictator General Pinochet who brought neo-liberal politics to Chile through violence and murder. She was hated most of all in Northern Ireland where working class people were brutalised under a divide-and-conquer approach to domestic dissent.