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Brazil. Solidarity with Federação Anarquista Gaúcha (FAG) and with the struggle of the Brazilian population

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In a context of anger and social struggles which has been lasting for weeks, the police of Porto Alegre invaded and searched the premices of the Federação Anarquista Gaúcha (FAG) in all illegality. For years, the FAG had been undertaking its public activities in these premices.

Already in October 2009, their former seat had been invaded by the civil police on order of the governor of the time, Yeda Crusius, because of a poster on which the FAG held the governor responsible for the death of Elthon Brum, a militant of the Movement of the Landless (MST) in San Gabriel.

This time, the FAG is accused by the mainstream media to plan actions of urban guerrilla warfare. The FAG is also accused of distributiong anarchistic literature. But what did they expect to find in anarchist premices ?

The Fédération anarchiste (FA), member of International of anarchist Federations (IAF), denounces the municipal, provincial and federal government, who are responsible for these cowardly attacks against an anarchist organization, and ensures Federação Anarquista Gaúcha of its most total solidarity.

We will continue to support those who fight against all forms of oppression.
No Pasarán !!!
Down with repression against those who fight !!!

Fédération anarchiste, June 26th, 2013.

Turkey. Letter to the Turkish Ambassador

Mr. Ambassador,

Although Turkey is hundreds kilometers away, the voice of the Turkish people reaches us; the voice, in which we hear the pain, hatred and solidarity. The pain that the police units, dispatched by Prime Minister Erdogan, cause to protesters with unprecedented brutality; the hatred of the fascist regime and its dictator; the solidarity among ordinary people who do not want to accept to be trod upon the neck by police boot, which is going to stifle their voice.

Although Turkey is hundreds kilometers away, the cloud of tear gas descends to us. It stings the eyes, as well as the tears of sadness over the slain protesters, over dozens of people who lost their eyesight, over thousands injured. Our eyes are viewing the pictures of senseless brutality, attacks on medics, arrests of lawyers, and dozens other forms of dictatorial tyranny.

Although Turkey is hundreds kilometers away, our hearts are there - with the Turkish people, on the barricades, on Taksim square, in cities that rose up in resistance. As well as the people on the Turkish streets, we are also full of the hatred to the dictator Erdogan and we assure them of our solidarity with their struggle.

Erdogan may be a hero for other statesmen whose interest is to keep people in obedience. But for us he is a criminal with the blood on his hands. We call him for stopping the running machinery of bloody repressions, letting release all detained and to resign.

Otherwise, we recommend him not even to think to go on a visit to the Czech Republic. We are ready to remind him of his actions. He will be welcomed as a malevolent dictator and will leave in disgrace.

We do not wish the Turkish people a new leader, we wish them freedom.

Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation - CSAF

Turkey. Her yer Taksim yer Her Anarşi Everywhere is Taksim Everywhere is Anarchy


On May 28 in Istanbul, a group of protesters occupied the park Gezi in the central Taksim Square in Istanbul. A protest opposing the construction of a shopping center that would destroy an important green area of the city. A project that is part of the wider process of demolition of old historic areas and redevelopment areas, transforming them into luxury housing and commercial, expelling the poor to the suburbs. The cost of living and the crowd of the marginalized increase, they increase the profits of speculators linked to the ruling party, the AKP. On May 30, the police intervened brutally evicting the demonstrators, firing tear gas and water cannons high-pressure, setting fire to the tents of the occupants destroying the trees that they had planted in the park in previous days.

State terrorism triggered the revolt. Despite the violent repression of the police, more and more people joined the protesters in the square who resisted. After days of uninterrupted fighting, in which the police used an harder and more violent repression, at 4 p.m of 1st June, the tanks began to withdraw from Taksim Square, the riot police cordons retreated and abandoned the square.

The resistance of more than a million protesters and the solidarity practiced in the streets, forced the police to retreat. The square is still controlled by protesters, in other districts of Istanbul and in dozens of other cities continue clashes and protests. By now it is an mass revolt against the authoritarian and conservative government led by the Prime Minister Erdoğan A revolt against state terrorism and against the devastation of capitalism.

Environmental and social devastation, repression and authoritarianism, the increasingly fierce conditions of labor exploitation, religious oppression imposed by the government, the attack on the freedom of women, nationalist propaganda and interventionism in Syria, are factors of discontent in Turkey who blew up a real mass uprising.

The anarchists are involved in the movement throughout Turkey, they are present in the resistance in the streets and they are defending the demonstrators.

At this time the revolt is still in place and in dozens of cities massive demonstrations are still going on. Police brutality does not stop. It is not yet clear what is the number of the dead. A young man was killed in Ankara by a gunshot to the head at point-blank shot by the police, other three victims have been confirmed. Those arrested and wounded are now incalculable.

For this reason it is important to promote international solidarity everywhere, denounce state terrorism in Turkey, support those who fight for freedom.

In Turkey, Italy, Spain, Greece, and in every part of the world, unite in the fight!

We support the protest movements in Turkey against the capitalist devastation, the terror of the State and religious oppression.

Solidarity! Dayanışma!

International Relations Commission of the Italian Anarchist Federation (I.F.A.)

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