Italy. XXVIII Congress of the Italian Anarchist Federation. Motion 2

Motion 2
Militarism: new structrures and new fields of intervention, between wars, repession and social control.

The XXVIII Congress of the Italian Anarchist Federation identifies in militarism a point of prime importance in the development of power relations between states as well in the implementation of government's policy through repression and social control. Imperialist relations and aims, and the need of empty all arsenals to bankroll with new orders the war industry, necessite of an external enduring war.

Simultaneously the interior war against any type of dissent is growing, through the militarization of cities and territories, through the militarist and nationalist propaganda. The developments of economic crisis, are bringing to an harder and harder international competition between states, that means more possibility of wars and conflicts. In this perspective, the issue of militarism crosses all fields of intervention of the Federation; for these reasons it's necessary not only to define a specific intervention on militarism, but also include this issue in each initiative as a characterizing element of prime importance.

In last years strategies and methods of militarism on national and international level are radically changed. Aiming quick goals and victories easily attained thanks to thecnical superiority and reaching ever larger profits for war industry, states are developing forms of warfare ever more aseptic and high-tech. Drones (UAV), bombers, fleets and task forces are the new tools of state terror, while the number of soldiers on the ground decreases, because the losses could question the precarious internal consensus around military missions.

Conflicts are becoming ever more military interventions of "Counter-insurgency" against internal and external enemies whose mutual differences are increasingly blurred. In this context, in the conflicts of last years, these strategies have not been successful. Also for this the role of the USA as world military power proves to be downsized.

Nevertheless Italy continues to be subordinated to the USA, that mantain there several military bases and that have tripled the troops presence compared to the rest of Europe. In turn the italian state tries, through the redeployement of its own armed forces, to propose again itself as power in the mediterranean scenario and as main "peacemaker" of internal conflicts in the area.

The Federation has always been engaged in antimilitarist struggles, in campaigns against the bases of NATO and USA imperialism (for example Sigonella and MUOS), and in campaigns against military spending and gambles of war industry, to prevent wars and to unmask and fight nationalist, fascist and militarist propaganda.

Federated anarchists, furthermore, consider that hand in hand with the growing militarization of territories and with the employment of the army in the repression of popular movement, there must be a renewed commitment in the antimilitarism.

For this purpose are identified the following points :

  1. Issues related to the phenomenon of war, internal and external.
  2. Support to NO MUOS and NO TAVstruggles, against the militarization of the territories.
  3. Support and coordination of the activities developed on local level by the groups.
  4. Deepening of the topics covered in the specific motion about antimilitarism.