Strategy of actions, position and anarchist alternative of the AIF

Agenda of the Congress 2012, Strategy of actions, position and anarchist alternative of the AIF by the FLA

Violence / no violence


The Federación Libertaria Argentina has tanslated the text of the Italian comrades called "Della lotta armata e di alcuni imbecili/ About armed struggle and some imbeciles" as said in the National Conference of the F.A.I, June 3rd, 2012, Raggio Emilia, Italy available at:

This translation has appareaded, to our surprise, in the anarchist Spanish-speaking forum ANARQLAT. As a consequence shortly after an aswer was published under the name Epístola a los inmóviles: De la 'lucha' anclada y otros discursos caducos Epistole to the immobile: about the idle "struggle" and other outdated speeches on Sunday June the 22nd 2012, written by G. Rodríguez in anclada-y-otros-discursos-caducos.html

The FLA proposes to take these texts as triggers of the discussion about the subject of violence/non violence. We are particularly interested because we believe the text Epístola a los inmóviles... summarizes a particular form of thought and action which is directly linked to the usurpation of the premises of the Federación Libertaria Argentina and damage to the movement as a whole.

After undervaluing and insulting the work of the Italian comrades, the text outlines the immediate task of those who make up this line of thought: "Our immediate task is to denounce the clearly anti- anarchist purposes of specifistic trade-unionist immobilism, for only by doing this will we be able to pass beyond outdated diagrams of action and organization that today have obstructed the way to a new paradigm that is being built this instant and that already lives in our hearts and grows bigger as whe yell "Long live Anachism!"

Our proposal is to use both texts to analyze the place being taken by Violence as a "unique" practice from a sector and as a unifying discourse against all other constructions within the Anarchist Movement. The discourse of Violence allows the building of rigid dichotomies: friend/enemy; immobilizers/revolutionaries; fighters/possibilistics; etc. which makes dogmatic practitioners of this currents seem like the carriers of truth and as so able to do anything no matter how far from basic Anarchist ethics.