Turkey. Taksim Square is the Square of Mayday

As in last years, we were in Taksim Square against all prohibitions of state, all violence of police and all efforts of capitalists.

This year, Turkish State has declarded that it wouldn't have permitted the Taksim Square for Mayday Demonstrations (as in last years), one week before Mayday. State has showed another place for the "celebration of Mayday". This "demonstration space" became a discussion between the revolutionary organisations.

Although, there have been a "legal celebration for Mayday" in Bakırköy. The revolutionary organisations were in Taksim Square. (In 1977, the bloody Mayday have been occured in this square and this square is become a symbol of resistance.)

As DAF, we were in the square from the early hours of 1st of May. 3 DAF member who are also member of Construction Workers Union, were in the square with the pancard "Fight, street, resistance; Long Live Mayday" at 08:30. They have achieved to get inside the square from the building site which is near the square. They have been taken into custody by police.

At 10:00, DAF cortege was in Mecidiyeköy where the march to Taksim started in. We have walked against the prohibition of the state with our pancard "To Anarchist Revolution With Action". We kept walking with the Construction Workers Union against the restrictions of capitalists. The polices of the state tried to block the march wiht teargas, plastic bulets and violence... 3 comrades have been taken into custody brutally by police.

We haven't participate the "Mayday celebration of the state", and we won't.
They won't frustrate us from our struggle. We will keep on struggling against state and capitalists.

To Anarchist Revolution With Action- DAF