Greece. Founding Congress of the Anarchist Federation in Greece

The organizational reconstruction of the anarchist movement in Greece has been very high up in the agenda for quite some time now. Book publishing, political events, discussions and even public debates, over the internet or not, encouraged, on the one hand, a disposition of criticism towards the shortcomings of non-formalism and the current practices of anarchist activists and militants and on the other hand created the will to start addressing this issue in terms that would lead to a better understanding of our views from the whole of the society and more fruitful results for the anarchist movement.

On this basis, during the last two and a half years many anarchist collectives have chosen to take action in order to solve the aforementioned problem by initiating a series of discussions that would allow them both to reflect and express their opinions on various subjects and, most importantly, to accomplish the arduous task of reaching common ground with other collectives with whom they may not necessarily share a common understanding or have any prior political relations.

We believe that the form and mode of this process, as well as its content and results, contribute to the legacy of the anarchist movement in Greece. Even if the various different political viewpoints and stands on organizational matters within this collective effort did not allow it to remain as one and eventually lead, during the final phase of this process, to its split, the crucial and primary issue, the very reason that this process was initiated in the first place, is still at stake: the need for the organizational reconstruction of the anarchist movement on new foundations.

A necessity that is being emphasized keenly each and every time we discover that our reflexes may render us capable of direct and fast response of the provocations and offensive actions of the state, but our complacency in them dooms our political movement in the dead end of opportunism and the randomness of coincidence. 

A necessity that is being emphasized keenly each and every time that our political projects within the context of ongoing struggles, are being downgraded to wooden language, to monotonous repetitive verbal patterns, if they are not integrated into an holistic political position and a coherent political program.

A necessity, finally, that is being emphasized keenly each and every time that personal social relations or dislikes and relations in the form of companionships or rivalries define who cooperates with whom, who associates with whom, to whom do we turn to when confronted with urgent situations, and with whom are we going to cooperate in the end.

All the above, namely opportunism and temporal activism, vagueness and the fragmented nature of our political projects, the stilted ideologization and the substitution of political relations by personal relations, constitute the core of interest of the anarchist collectives that are currently attempting to open a new chapter in the history of the organizational efforts of the anarchist movement in Greece, by forming an anarchist federation.

We do not consider, of course, that conversation and argument between us have made us some sort of experts on all matters concerning organization, nor are we going to claim that we have discovered the organizational remedy for each and every political weakness of the anarchist movement. We are, nevertheless, determined to experiment with new forms of political organization and to try new ways of structuring the practices, the projects and the very presence of anarchists in the social and class struggle.

We are determined to confront the years of inability of producing a strategy for our movement through the creation of a political common ground where our opinions may converge and interact on an equal and functional basis. The federal form of organization may become this field, promoting even further the production of a holistic spearhead speech and providing with more possibilities for the propagation of said political positions in society and the proletariat.

Moreover, we want this federation to constitute the sum of structures and processes that will form a common ground of interaction and cooperation for the anarchist collectives, something that may combat the rationale of temporal understandings between comrades and the occasional resulting informal hierarchies.

Comrades, the contemporary rapid political developments, the changes in the central political scene, the economic, social and political crisis and the negative developments in labor relations and social affairs render the need for our organization in new terms, more effective, more massive and explicitly revolutionary, as imperative as ever.

In the times we live in, the anarchist perspective can and must spread and insert itself to society as the only capable of leading the proletariat to social liberation and class emancipation !

It has become clear now that in the transitional eras and the historical discontinuities we live in, the revolutionary forces of liberation are either organizing, planning and acting in unison, or preparing to perish !

We call the groups and collectives of the anarchist movement to think on these questions that all these years have emerged from the way we operate and to accept our invitationto attend the founding conference of the Anarchist Federation which will be held on 3 and 4 October in Athens.


Anarchists for the Social Liberation

Anarchist Collective “Fuse” Anarchist Collective “Kathodon”

Anarchist Collective from Nea Filadelphia Anarchist Collective “Rubicon” Void Circle


Anarchist Collective “Ano Throsko" Libertarian Initiative of Thessalonica


Libertarian Initiative against Capitalism and the State “No Man's Land”

Heraklion Crete

Anarchist Collective Oktana