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Turkey. About the last situation Written by Hüseyin Civan (from DAF) 1360
Anarchist campaign. 3 Bridges. The world of State and capitalisme in absolute bankruptcy Written by Anarchist Political Organisation (APO) – Federation of Collective 1951
Greece. The 1st May demos in Greece Written by Anarchist Political Organization 938
Turkey. We start off as LGBTI Peace Initiative Written by LGBTI Peace Initiative 1046
Kurdistan. What sort of Uprising do we need in Iraqi Kurdistan ? Written by Zaher Baher 2952
Kurdistan. Anarchist Women call about War in North Kurdistan ! Written by Anarchist Women 3554
Russia. About Putin’s move into Syria Written by Mohamed Mazen (Syrian anarchist) 3401
Egypt. Songs are back to the squares Written by Mohamed Mazen 964
Rojava - Kobane, International solidarity Written by Black Rose Anarchist Federation / Federación Anarquista Rosa Negra 1088
Antifascism. Antifa mobilization ! Italy - Slovenia Written by Federacija za anarhistično organiziranje (FAO) 1775