What we don't like?

On one hand is it a capitalist system, which creates inequalities – poverty of the majority and richness of a small number of the privileged, and this way leads to clear social injustice and oppression.

On the other hand is it a state, which coming out of its historical essence, serves the privileged minority to secure its richness and interests above all. Even so called representative democracy doesn't represent the will of the common people, but the interests of the elite in fact. This is more and more distinct in a transnational political and financial organizations, whose decision centers are even more further from the voice of people and much helpful to the lobbyist pressure.

This system has not impact only on the social position of people, but also brings the gradual devastation of the environment and degradation of a human and culture through the everywhere-present infiltrating of the consumer habits and egoism.

While the barriers for the movement of capital are being removed, the social and political rights of a common people are being practically restricted. The technological system of control and snooping is ever-deepening and ever more sophisticated.

The thing is not just the system, which are we passing through here and now, the thing is every system found on the principles of authority, hierarchy and power, which dictates people how to live.

We disallow the principles of unnatural authority, discrimination and dominance, even in the sense of a human relations.

What we would like to?

We are convinced that the alternative is possible. We are neither social engineers nor dogmatics to claim exactly how should it look like. We want to invoke the discussion about the alternatives above all.

As the anarchists we think, if the alternative should be real, not just a variation of a well-known authoritarian systems (capitalism, bolshevism etc.), it should be found on these principles : self-organization (everyone can participate on the things, which are related to her/him, either directly or through mandated and anytime revocable delegates), liberty (everyone can reach self-fulfillment, with respect for the others of course) social justice (equal organization of the economy, which should meet the needs of everyone, instead of serving the profits of the minority).

Our goal is an emancipated human, living in the society found on these principles, where he/she can fully participate in its functioning and make decisions about own life as much as possible.

How to reach it?

That could to stand up to that what we don't like, and to try realize what we would like to, we feel we need to unite in this effort. That is why CZECHOSLOVAK ANARCHIST FEDERATION (CSAF) was founded in 1995. CSAF is working on the principles, corresponding to our goals – principles of freedom, solidarity and free agreement.

Activity of CSAF takes the shape of public protests, discussions, further education, realization of various self-organized projects etc.

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